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How to Get A Token Added into Zapper's Token List

This article outlines the requirements a token needs to meet in order to be listed on Zapper.
Written by zes
Updated 11 months ago

A token listed on Zapper will enable anyone to use the token in the exchange feature and in the invest feature. We aim to support any and all tokens powered by Ethereum.

Zapper will aim to proactively add all ERC20 tokens due to surging activity in DeFi. If a token is not already listed, please make a post here and once the post reaches 10 votes, the token will be added into Zapper.


If a token reaches 50 votes on our Canny board, there are a few factors that may disqualify it from being added to Zapper. 

  • The project is verifiably a Ponzi or scam or engaging in fraudulent activity related to its code, its marketing, or its social media following.
  • A bug or vulnerability in the token or underlying protocol is uncovered.
  • The token community engages in fake voting / wash commenting.
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