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How does Zapper determine which protocol to integrate?

Written by zes
Updated 11 months ago

As the DeFi ecosystem grows, more and more protocols are popping up. We receive many protocol integration requests everyday. As Zapper is still a close-sourced product, the task of integrating new protocols are completely taken on by Zapper's engineers.

At the same time, we have to balance other engineering tasks, such as creating new features and dealing with technical debt. While we are in the process of automating as many of these tasks as possible, the task of integrating new protocols still need to be balanced against all of our other to-dos. As a result, we don't integrate protocols immediately. 

We determine which protocols to prioritize based on your response on our Canny board at http://features.zapper.fi/. The higher the vote, the sooner we will integrate. Unlike adding token, we don't have a set criteria for adding protocol as it is a much more complex task. 

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