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How does Zapper determine which new protocols to add?

Understand how Zapper chooses and prioritizes which new protocol to integrate first
Written by zes
Updated 11 months ago

Our goal is to provide the most value to our users. Since the space is evolving very quickly and new protocols are always being created, we are constantly swarmed with requests to integration new protocols. 

However, given we are a team of nine people, we cannot integrate every protocol as soon as they come out, which forces us to prioritize. While we don't have a strict criteria for selecting which protocol we prioritize, below are a few points we consider when we determine the order of our pipeline:

  1. Total number of users requesting this protocol on our Canny Feature Request board (assuming no wash voting and wash commenting)
  2. Total value locked
  3. Number of users interacting with the protocol
  4. Overall sentiment toward the protocol on social media (e.g., Twitter)

Please note that while you can chat with us and request protocols directly, we will still stick to the above process. 

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