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Why is my balance not showing in the Zapper dashboard?

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Updated 1 year ago

The most common answer to this is that we not have support yet for the token or DeFi protocol yet. You can quickly find the answer to whether your DeFi investment should show up on Zapper by going here to an updated list of all supported protocols on Zapper.

It takes a bit of dev work to properly display each new token, LP, staking balance, etc so that your Zapper Dashboard calculates your assets, liabilities, LPs, and claimable rewards. If you'd like to suggest we support a token or DeFi platform, go here to propose it or upvote an existing proposal.

Above is what it looks like in the Invest tab when you're holding an LP that is supported by Zapper. The second most common reason you might not see your LP balance on Zapper is that you've staked (aka deposited) your token(s) or liquidity provision (LP) into a new staking pool.

An example would be: "I'm an LP in Uniswap but I've recently staked my LP token in a new yield farming application (ie Harvest Finance). I no longer see my Uniswap LP on my Zapper dashboard."

In this example, the user has staked their Uniswap LP in a new staking pool in Harvest Finance. It's a pool that we need to add support for in Zapper Dashboard. If you know that we already support a protocol like Harvest Finance, having checked this Supported Platforms list, and you know that you've staked value in a pool in Harvest, the best thing to do is go to our Support channel in Zapper Discord and let us know! DeFi moves quickly so we're grateful to hear from the community when new pools launch in existing protocols we support.

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