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My transaction has been pending on Etherscan for more than an hour. What's the deal and how do I fix this?

Written by zes
Updated 1 year ago

When you Zap liquidity, it normally requires multiple transactions (unless zapping ETH), which you'll be prompted to confirm. However, transactions on Ethereum compete to be confirmed through an auction-like process, bidding by gas price (shown as Gwei in your wallet). If the average bidding gas price is much higher than you selected under Speed before Confirming a Zap (see screenshot below) or when you modified the gas price in MetaMask, your transaction can get stuck. Sometimes, a Zap user can get unlucky choosing a gas price right as Ethereum gas prices skyrocket. It's a best practice and recommended to check gas prices at ethgasstation.info before clicking Confirm.

Stuck Transaction

Transactions submitted by an Ethereum address will processed sequentially so if transaction #1 is stuck, transaction #2 will be stuck waiting until #1 confirms. Here's a helpful video tutorial from DeFi Dad on how you fix a pending transaction (a.k.a. unstuck a stuck transaction).

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