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How do I track the profitability of my LP in Uniswap, Balancer, or SushiSwap?

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Updated 1 year ago

For now, Zapper doesn't calculate the profitability of liquidity provisions (LPs) in Uniswap, Balancer, or SushiSwap. We do track the balance of your LP under the Liquidity Pools tab in the Dashboard.

Thankfully, DeFi has so many talented developers and there's been many liquidity pool profitability trackers being made. Below we will go through a few.


Liquidity.vision makes it easy to track your net gains or net losses while holding an LP.

Croco Finance

Croco Finance breaks down your current pool participation costs by fees earned, transactions expenses, and impermanent loss, giving you a detailed look into the profitability of your provided liquidity. 

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