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What do the rarity levels of Zapper NFTs mean?

Written by Lindsay Presswell
Updated 4 weeks ago

In Season 2, users can combine Zapper NFTs to increase their rarity levels.

There are four rarity tiers: Common, Silver, Gold, and Trophy. In order to craft one NFT in a higher tier, you must first burn three of the lower-tier version of that NFT, or burn a combination of lower-tier versions of that NFT plus Volts. 

See our FAQ title "What is crafting" for more information.

The rarity levels are a way to express the effort a user has put into Season 2 of our gamification. A user who has many Silvers and Golds has spent time engaging with the Zapper dashboard and experimenting with DeFi. This will be reflected in their Zapper NFT collection.

Rarity tiers also reflect choices a user has made regarding which NFTs to level up. If a user is a big fan of Aave or Synthetix and wants to express that on the Zapper dashboard, they might choose to spend their Volts on those NFTs only, which increases the value of those NFTs and the communities that may form around them.

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