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Quest Walkthrough: Open Zapper

How to earn XP and Volts with the "Open Zapper" quest.
Written by Lindsay Presswell
Updated 2 weeks ago


Opening your Zapper dashboard is a daily quest in Season 2. Completing this quest will allow you to earn XP and Volts. The amount of XP and Volts you earn for the quest will increase for up to 4 consecutive days  if you maintain a streak.


After opening your Zapper dashboard, make sure that you have connected your wallet to Zapper. This quest can be performed on any network supported by Zapper.

Complete the Quest

Once your wallet is connected, you can click “Quests” under your address on the left-hand side. You will be redirected to the Quest page, where you will see a list of all the quests available. 

Since you have visited your dashboard, the “Open Zapper” quest will be completed. Congrats!

Claiming XP and Volts

To claim your XP and Volts, click "Claim" under the appropriate quest. You will be prompted by a wallet pop-up asking you to sign to prove that you own the wallet address. This signature will not need to submit a transaction to the blockchain.

Claiming XP and Volts can be performed on any network available on Zapper. 

For more information on XP and Volts and how they can be used in the Zapperverse, visit the XP and the Volts sections of the FAQ.

Once you have confirmed the signature you will be able to view the amount of XP and Volts you have claimed. 


If you complete the "Open Zapper" quest multiple days in a row, and it increases the amount of XP and Volts you earn for that quest up to 4 consecutive days.

After the 4th day, the XP and Volts you earn are maintained at that level unless you break the streak. The number next to the flame emoji 🔥 tells you how many days you've been on a streak.

To keep a streak going, you must continue to open your Zapper dashboard daily. If a day is missed, your streak will be reset along with the amount of XP and Volts you earn for the quest. 

XP earned Volts earned
Day 1 100 75

Day 2

120 90
Day 3 140 105
Day 4+ 160 120

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